Unified Taekwon‐Do is devoted to preserving and promoting the legacy of General Choi by:

  • practicing authentic Taekwon‐Do as he created it.
  • supporting the local, regional and global Taekwon‐Do communities.
  • providing our members convenient access to high quality training.
  • welcoming and supporting all members regardless of experience, ability, or affiliations.


Mission and Taekwon‐Do Authenticity

Unified Taekwon‐Do was created by Grand Master Hwang, Kwang Sung who is its guiding light and the standard bearer of our Taekwon‐Do and our operating principles.

Grand Master Hwang is a member of a prestigious circle that received their Taekwon‐Do training directly from the founder, General Choi Hong Hi. Grand Master Hwang has the distinction of being among the first three Grand Masters that General Choi promoted, and he holds the ITF serial # K‐9‐1. In addition, Grand Master Hwang held numerous positions in the ITF, including that of being General Choi’s special assistant, all of which resulted in their unique relationship.

Grand Master Hwang has relentlessly dedicated himself to honoring General Choi’s legacy by teaching Taekwon‐Do, un‐altered as General Choi laid it down in the Encyclopedia of Taekwon‐Do. It is also Grand Master Hwang’s directive that Unified Taekwon‐Do be dedicated to the pursuit of that mission.

International Availability

Unified Taekwon‐Do has an ever growing global community of members—individuals, schools, and associations. It is our goal to continue grow and to serve Taekwon‐Do practitioners everywhere. Our talented and passionate masters and advanced rank instructors are dedicated to providing quality Taekwon‐Do instruction to all of our members.

Training Excellence

Unified Taekwon‐Do members have access to high quality training. In addition to Grand Master Hwang, who was trained by General Choi, our organization has a number of masters who had the benefit of attending General Choi training events. Many of these masters have trained under Grand Master Hwang, and some for up to over forty years. Grand Master Hwang and our masters continue sharing their invaluable knowledge and experience through specialized training seminars and training the next generation of instructors.

Welcoming Environment

It is Unified Taekwon-Do’s policy to equally welcome those new to Taekwon-Do, existing practitioners, and those looking to resume their training. Our organization welcomes the membership of associations, independent schools or individuals. It is our goal to minimize internal politics and to foster a positive environment in which all members know that they are cared for and valued.