Legacy Weekend is a celebration of Taekwon-Do’s founder, General Choi Hon Hi, and his legacy.

The annual weekend Legacy event was created to honor the legacy of General Choi. The weekend-long event is open to Taekwon-Do practitioners of all ranks and ages, and typically consists of a promotional test, workshop, a full day seminar, and a Saturday evening banquet and celebration.

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Legacy Award

The event also offers an opportunity to recognize Unified members who have shown exceptional dedication to the preservation of the art of Taekwon-Do with the presentation of the Legacy Award.

Man in suit presenting an award to another man in a suit while shaking hands while being presented with an award.2017 Recipient

Master Ray Shugart

Master Shugart is a lifelong student and friend of Grand Master Hwang. He has a true passion for arts, he is a very accomplished illustrator with many pieces dedicated to Taekwon-Do and its history.

Older man in Taekwon-Do uniform.2016 Recipient

Master Harry Hill

Master Hill started his Taekwon-Do career later in life but has taken advantage of every opportunity to learn and is always eager to share his knowledge. His perseverance is persistent, and despite a few health scares, including a heart attack while training, he always returns with a smile.

Group of men and women dressed up posing for camera.

2015 Recipient

1996 USA Junior Team and Coaches

General Choi gave Grand Master Hwang the responsibility of correcting the execution of the flying side kick in Choong Moo to a two foot landing. Grand Master used the members of the team to demonstrate this world wide. The team went on to win bronze in Tul at the World Championships in Prague, Czech Republic performing Choong Moo as their designated tul.

Legacy Weekend 2019

Friday, April 26 – Saturday, April 27

Phoenix, Arizona

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