Unified Taekwon-Do operates under an open structure as a way to put the needs and interests of our members at the forefront. This open structure evolved to facilitate growth and innovation, pave the way for new ideas, and most importantly, to ensure the fair and equitable treatment of all members. Our potential is endless if we all work together.

The Unified membership model offers three options—individual membership, school charters, and association charters,—each which welcome experienced practitioners of Taekwon-Do as created by General Choi as well as non-Taekwon-Do practitioners who wish to make the change to Taekwon-Do. All three options give members access to events which host many Masters and Grand Masters on our doorstep to personally deliver their extensive knowledge, experience and history with General Choi and his beloved art. In addition, members benefit from:

  • International Rank Recognition: Unified members have the opportunity to earn certification for degree rank from Grand Master Hwang who is one of only three Grand Masters personally promoted by General Choi a recognition of which the heritage and prestige is well established. All promotions above IV Dan are confirmed through the Vice President of Promotions.
  • International Instructor and Referee Certification: Unified members also have the opportunity to earn instructor and umpire certifications from Grand Master Hwang who is one of only three Grand Masters personally promoted by General Choi a recognition of which the heritage and prestige is well established.
  • World Class Education: Unified both hosts and sanctions events, seminars, workshops, and courses on Taekwon-Do fundamentals, tuls, history, techniques, moral culture, and sparring. These events are attended by Unified’s extensive list of talented and experienced Masters and Grand Masters from around the world. The events are reviewed to ensure a high-caliber of instruction.
  • World Class Open Competitions: Unified hosts via a member country the bi-annual open World Championships which are open to practitioners from all Taekwon-Do organizations. Unified TKD also sanctions international competitions, continental championships and open World Championships to showcase authentic Taekwon-Do and to foster goodwill among compatriots in the art.
  • Priority Access to Resources: Members have priority access to resources both locally and internationally under Grand Master Hwang’s guidance.


Join Unified Taekwon-Do

Unified TKD has an open invitation to anyone with a genuine desire to learn and teach true Taekwon-Do as laid down by General Choi Hong Hi. Since the General passed away in 2002, the emphasis for Grand Master Hwang is on maintaining the purity of the General’s Taekwon-Do and you, as a member, become an integral part of this very important legacy. The skills, values and experience you gain will serve you throughout your Taekwon-Do career and in life. You, in turn, become a valued proponent of the art of Taekwon-Do.


Get access to Unified Taekwon-Do resources, training and events, even if you do not have access to, or choose not to be part of a local association or school.

$35 – Annual Membership


For those who do not have access to a local association, or wish to be independent and work directly with our Unified Taekwon-Do headquarters.

$150 – Two Year Charter


For successful local associations that have strong leadership and operate in a consistent way with the Unified Taekwon-Do culture.

$500 – Lifetime Charter
$45 Annually per school/club within association.

All prices are in USD and are subject to change without notice. Contact Unified TKD for additional information.